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Let's Encrypt


after a long time using a self-signed certificate, I have now got one using the Let's Encrypt project:
This should get rid of the browser warning when visiting this site using HTTPS:

I can really recommend having a look at this service for everyone dealing with HTTPS certificates!


IDFstepper V1.0 released

Hi folks,

some time ago I started to write an IDF-to-STEP converter tool to easily create 3D STEP models from IDF files. IDF is a file format meant to simplify the data exchange between electrical and mechanical CAD systems. See for more information about IDF.

The tool can generate models of components from IDF library files, as well as board and panel assemblies from IDF board and panel files. Usage is very simple, just drag the files to convert onto the executable and let it do it's magic. If you need to configure the behaviour of the program, have a look at the idfstepper.conf configuration file.

The program is released with open sources and may be built under (at least) Microsoft Windows and Linux. The generation of STEP files is handled by a subset of the Open CASCADE Technology Library. Check the links below and the README.txt files contained in the archives.

Windows binary (No installation needed)
Source package
Doxygen documentation
Online access to Doxygen documentation
Mercurial repository containing current sources

Should you have any questions, suggestions, bug reports, or whatever, please write to

phip _at_ hb9etc _dot_ ch

(Or drop a note in the guestbook, I check these sometimes)